Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Yep, I am a freak

As a typical horse freak there are some weird habits or quirks that I have and most of the time I can't belive that there are some people who still will claim me as a friend.  Overall most people think that I am just plain weird.  It is not my fault thought that they can not handle my awkwardness and awesomeness all at once. 

1) If I want you to stop moving I say "Whoa" and I give you only a few seconds before you have better have stopped moving.

2)  If I want you to speed up I will 'cluck' to you, and if I am behind you you had better respond quickly because I will smack your behind.

3)  When turning a corner my inside leg will move in an effort to keep the shoulder in.

4) I practice patterns while walking, especially if there is a show coming up.  Reining patterns are the hardest for me to remember so usually there is a lot of spinning and lead changes involved. 

5) Listening to music with me is an adventure because I will all of the sudden exlaim, "that is a great freestlye song!!  Find me a pen and paper."  I will then proceed to write down the song, artist and start a pattern all the while telling my friends to SHUSH!!

Then there are the things that just make me plain, traditional, psycho crazy and when people look at me they go, "Oh, she has horses".

1) During the winter, when we feed hay, my pockets are constantly filled with hay.  And not a little bit, almost another full bale!  In my jeans, in my jackets.  I preactically leave a trail. 

2)  If you were to look in my car you would see: rope, a hay bag, my riding helmet and a saddle pad.  'Cause you never know when you will need one of these items.

3) Once my horse start shedding I am no longer allowed to sit anywhere.  There is always hair attached to some part of my clothing.

4)  Any story that someone tells reminds me of a story about a horse.  It tends to drive my few friends insane.  I can't believe they have stayed as long as they have.

5) Every other picture on my phone is a picture of a horse, or a friend and a horse, or another horse item.

There are other things I do as well, like 2-pointing over speed bumps, and lengthening and shortening strides as I walk.  Having a particular way of tacking and untacking my horse. In fact, I rarely let anyone else unsaddle my horse.  They never put anything in the correct place!  Hmm, maybe this is why I only have a few friends who still answer my calls....


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