Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Trestle Wood Stables week 2

The second week I was at Trestle Wood we got rained in about 3 hours after I started working with the horses.  It was interesting, it looked like a pretty nice day and then while I was riding one of the horses they are getting ready to be a lesson horse and then the wind picked up.  I had brushed a horse and detangled his mane and then Mrs. Bingham came back out after eating her breakfast and told me that we were going to work with, Sammy, one of their new horses that they had the saddle on once.
I was pretty happy that I was going to get to work with a horse that they had just started.  We got the saddle on Sammy and lunged him a bit.  He did a few little bucks when the stirrups would move but after a while he calmed down and we put him up.  Then Mrs. Bingham and I went out and caught one another one of their horses (I can't pronounce the name, let alone spell it), this is one of the ones they want to use as a lesson horse.  So she had me get on and make sure the horse will go forward, turn right, turn left, and stop.  While the horse would do all of those things, she was a little stiff.  She would relax but she felt stiff through the turns.  About 2:00 the wind started to pick up, I was still riding but I was cooling her out.  At 2:30 we went inside to eat lunch and have some hot cocoa, within a few minutes it was pouring down rain.  Mrs. Bingham started water for hot cocoa, it was chocolate, with white chocolate bits, and crushed peppermint sticks.  Oh and marshmallows, you can't forget the marshmallows.  Well, as we sat inside watching the rain come down, "Like a Texas rain," Mr. Aaron said, Mrs. Bingham decided that we would clean tack, hee hee.  I haven't cleaned tack in my life so that was very new.  
 She braved the rain and brought back a bottle of tack cleaner and an armload of bridles and reins.  While Mrs. Bingham and I cleaned the bridles, Mr. Aaron played the wii.  I guess he has only cleaned tack once in his life, Mrs. Bingham wanted to know when that was.... "Oh, right after we got married I cleaned tack.....once."  Mrs. Bingham informed me that they had been married for 13 years.
When 4:30 rolled around we had finished cleaning the bridles and I had 5 minutes before mom got there, so, they let me play their wii, hee hee.  It was a fairly easy day, but let me tell you when I got home I got my bridle down and I cleaned it.  Its actual color is a lot lighter than I thought.

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  1. Oh Megan! It sounds like you are learning alot from Mrs. Bingham. I'm so happy for you! Love your posts too!