Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Silver Spurs Horse Show 2010, part 2

We headed off to Kelsie's house to pick up her horse and her brother's horse.  These two horses plus my horse, made a full load in the trailers.  We now had 4 saddles, hay for two other horses, and two extra horses in the trailer.  My dad and brother took the two seats in the van pulling the horse trailer, and in the other van was my mom, cousin Sam, Me, Kelsie, Taylor, Kennedy, and Zoey.  Needless to say it was a tight fit.
Kelsie and I started out the trip nervous about the horse show.  Neither of us had ever been to a horse show that big, and out of town before.  By the time we had gotten a little ways to Boise our nerves had calmed down, but as soon as we took the exit off to go drop the horses off our butterflies decided to do a few rollbacks and spins.  Then we pulled up to the Idaho Horse Park.  This place was HUGE, and scary to think about remembering where it all was, and intimidating!  Very intimidating.  Since Mrs. Cindy wasn't able to come, Kelsie and I had to try and brave it on our own.  We had Sam there to help us which was GREAT!  She wasn't too nervous about the show the next day, so she was able to keep our heads on straight.
We got there and went in to have the Horse Park people unlock our stalls so that we could get our horses out of the trailer.  We decided that the easiest way to do it would be to leave the horses in the trailer, get all the tack put up and the stalls ready then put the horses in the stalls.  Most everyone helped with getting stuff put away.  Mom had the very imporant job of taking pictures of amything she deemed important or special.

Taylor was a huge help the entire weekend, constantly untacking and tacking back up for me so that I was able to change my clothes for the next class.

Nate was a big help carrying things into the tack stall.
It looked so nice for a few minutes anyway.  By the end of the weekend it looked nothing like this.  We should have taken a before and after shot....
Once we had the tack stall put together, we spread shavings in the horses stalls, brought buckets of water in for them, and put hay in there feeders.  I felt bad for making my horse stand in a trailer after driving for two hours so I added a bit, ok a lot, of grain to his feeder.
Then we decided to stand and rest for a minute or two before we got our horses out and put in stalls.
I had braided Silver's mane so that It wouldn't be such a pain to untangle right before the show.  It doesn't look too nice now, but it sure wasn't as knotted as before!
We got all the horses settled in and then we ate lunch.  After lunch, Kelsie, Sam and I walked around the Horse Park, looking for arenas to ride in and trying to get a feel for the place we would be spending a lot of time at.  We came to the conclusion that this was indeed a big place, but not nearly as intimidating as before and within a few hours my butterflies had started to calm down.

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  1. Butterflies can sure eat up your tummy can't they!!