Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Silver Spurs Horse Show, Boise, ID 2010, Part 3

Kelsie and I found a ton of arenas, but we didn't know which of them we could or could not ride in.  So, with a lot of prodding from my parents, we decided that after lunch we would go to the main desk and see if they could tell us which arenas we were allowed in. 
We had decided to bring sandwich stuff for lunches.  Mom made the sandwiches because she didn't want our horsey hands in her food.  Kelsie, Sam and I saw the arena that Kelsie and I would be showing in and decided to take a look while we were waiting.  It was huge.  They had split it into two arenas with room in the front of the building to line up and wait for your class.  They were working up the ground and setting up panels, in preperation for the show the next day.  We walked back to the car in awe and saw that it was  our turn to let mom know what we wanted on our sandwiches.  We were given our sandwiches and we tried to find a place to sit where our food wouldn't blow away, which is hard to do in Idaho.  We ended up sitting in the tack stall on the bales of hay.   We ate our sandwiches and then started off to the main office. 
We passed the wash racks on the way down to the office and Kelsie and I were in love.  We hadn't used them but they looked amaZING!  Sam pulled us away from the wash racks of our dreams and we finished walking up to the main desk.
We got up to the office and our fast walk turned into a sluggish crawl.  None of us really wanted to get up there or be first to talk.  Kelsie finally walked up and asked who we needed to talk to about where to sign up for the show the next day and which arenas were off limits.  We were told that they knew nothing about the show.  They only handled the stalls and horse park grounds and that all the arenas were open to ride in we just weren't allowed in the grassy area, as it was under construction.  We thanked her, turned and did a fast walk outta the office, glad to have that over with and done.  We walked back to the stalls trying to gather together a plan.  We decided on riding a bit to let the horses stretch their legs and to get used to the arenas.

Sam is such a good cousin!

Kelsie and Rainy.

We were tired of lunging.....So we agreed it was time to ride!

We teased mom about this one.  "I have something on my head?  What??"
Again, isn't Sam the BEST cousin you could have??

 When we were about done in the warm up arena we were told that the main arena was open to ride in.  We figured better to go in and find things the horses are scared of now rather than while we show.  So, we rode in the massive covered arena for a while.  It was the coolest arena I have EVER ridden in, in my ENTIRE life!  We finished up, our horses were sweaty, we were sweaty and it was time..........  We got to use the WASH RACKS!!!!!  =D

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  1. Rainy is so pretty!! Can't wait to hear more of your adventure!!