Thursday, July 1, 2010

Silver Spurs Horse Show Boise, Idaho Part 1

This year I was informed of a big horse show in Boise, Idaho.  It was during our Church camp, and my sister's birthday.  Mom and dad decided that it would be a good experience for me and they said that we could go.  My best friend Kelsie and her brother decided to show as well and we were able to bring up my cousin Sam.  So, not only was I able to show my horse, but I would be with my two best friends.  I work for a lady who has been to the Idaho Horse Park, which is where the show was being held this year, and she was able to tell us a lot of information about the park.  She was going to join us and enter the Open Show on Sunday with a couple of her horses, but things happened and that wasn't possible.  So, going up, we had to figure things out on our own, which was an adventure in itself.  The first part of our little summertime fun starts with the packing.....

I wasn't prepared for this trip very far ahead of time.  This year, our 4H group has a few more English riders that usual.  So, I, of course, wanted to try English for myself.  I ended up liking it more than I thought I would and I was able to borrow or buy the things I needed to be able to show in English.  I ordered my English boots about a week ahead of time and had them shipped 3 day.  I ordered them in a size 8 (one size too big) and they had stretchy stuff in the back (hopefully to accomodate my big calves.)  I got them and...they were too small around my leg.  So we ordered a size 9 (2 sizes too big!!)  and they were still TIGHT!  I had to make them do though, because by now, the show was in 3 days and we had to be in Boise in 2 days.  I had to suck it up (literally) and wear the boots that were huge in the foot and tiny in the calf, or not show English.

The night before we had to leave for the show (Thursday the 10th), my cousin spent the night and I tried on all of my outfits (I had 3 of them) to make sure that I had everything and that I didn't forget anything. (HA!)  I tried on Engilsh first, which wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  I had everything, boots, breeches, belt, shirt, jacket, collar, pin, helmet.  All good.  Hang that up and put a grabage bag over it.  Next, Western: Boots, jeans, belt, chaps, shirt, hat.  All good there too! Hang, and garbage sack it as well.  Next, was my showmanship/halter: Boots, Jeans, belt, shirt, hat, again all good!  Hang and cover it.  By this time, I had turned into the Carrie Underwood of horse shows!  If you have seen a concert you will understand, she had at least 10 outfit changes!!   Then it was time to pack my bag of regular clothes.  Extra jeans, tee-shirts, socks, underwear, and p.j.'s. With a lot of help from Sam, we got that done and I sat down to polish the show saddle and bridle that my boss let me borrow for the show.  When I got that done, took another check of the room, wrote down a quick list of what not to forget tomorrow. (Again HAHA!!)  By this time it was midight.

6:00 AM
"SAM!! Where are my glasses??!"  Half an hour later we finally found them and tried to get back on track.  We neeeded to have EVERYTHING loaded and be at Kelsie's to pick up her horses at 9 AM.  We dressed quickly, and bounded up the stairs to eat, get things loaded and the house cleaned up.  In two hours, Sam and I had folded 5 baskets of laundry, cleaned out a cooler, packed all the food and loaded up the trailer.  Here are most of the things we shoved, neatly into the trailer/van. 
Saddles (3), bridles (3), halters (3), brushes (too many), hoofpick (1), mane detangler, shampoo/conditioner, show clothes, hay, grain, wheelbarrow, hose, spray nozzel, hats (2), boots (3), and a big green tub of things that we might need.  Oh, and buckets, a couple buckets for grain and water.  Most importantly Silver, my wonderful horse!  We loaded up the minivan and headed off to pick up 2 more horses and drive to Boise.

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